Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cricket all rounders hall of fame

Which names must I include for making a gallery of great post-war allrounders? Who is you favourite and why?

Good morning friends,

Firstly, apologies I have been tardy updating the best answers. I will do so soon. Congratulations first to those smart guys who spotted the fact that Warne was a leg-spinner unlike Murali. In my opinion guys who can process pictures and come up with good answers are really smart. This is because it is not a mere regurgitation of facts (for which we have google). So congratulations in accord to many users here, including those who keep a very low profile but are actually very smart.
Now coming to the question. I will appreciate the names and maybe a word or two. But most importantly I want you to elaborate on why a particular person is your favourite. Please keep in mind "all-rounder" to me is a mutifaceted talent. Batting, bowling and fielding.Because they are masterful..have they inspired other team members to achieve excellence. I will pitch-in with my vote: Imran Khan.
Because this is an important question for your country give it your best. All answers will be archived immediately:
Caution, you may think and rework your answer but wholesale changes will not be allowed !

Thank you

Rehman of Multan


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