Saturday, May 31, 2008


Dear Friends,

It is saturday night, and it seems the "fever" has caught up with two close buddies. In this historic event can you tell me who is saying what to whom? And what is the girl in the corner thinking.
Thanks and have a great Saturday Night.

Rehman of Multan

You should be dancing, yeah !

The best answer this time was from Ms Ange .

It was a magical day, the BeeGees were singing their hearts out for Bhaji and his beautiful girlfriend Symmo...Bhaji was humming to himself:

"Shes juicy and shes trouble
She gets it to me good
My woman gives me power
Goes right down to my blood"

Here watch the Beegees singing live, it was crazy:

Ms Ange happened to hear a bit of their conversation:





Dear Friends,

Here I come again with a weekend quiz. Thank you all for your emails of encouragement. The purposes for composing these pictographical questions is to test your humour and lateral thinking.

So here are the

1.Which 2 teams played the 1st 20/20

2.What is the name of the cricket body that has this symbol?


3.Who is this person and what is he thinking?

4.Who are these 2(left and right), what are they saying?

5. Who are these two (top and bottom), what are they saying and thinking?

6. Who are these 2 what are they telling each other?

The person who gives 2 or more great answers gets the best answer, however, I will archive all the great answers. As you can see this is a test of humour (which happens to be an yardstick for intelligence as well).

Thanks and have a great weekend

Rehman of Multan


Thanks the quiz is now closed. All the answers were great. I have chosen The Oracle for giving 3 of the chosen answers, although I must add Sarika S's answers were very good as well. So were Prince and Matt.

1, Which 2 teams played the 1st 20/20 ?

A. Australia and New Zealand

2. What is the name of the cricket body that has this symbol?


3. Who is this person and what is he thinking?


Answer by Prince

4. Who are these 2(left and right), what are they saying?


Answer by Sarika S

5. Who are these two (top and bottom), what are they saying and thinking?



Answer by Sarika S

6. Who are these 2 what are they telling each other?


Answer by The Oracle

LOL !!!!!

And here are the answers:


1)Australia and Newzealand


3)Inzamam Ul Haq,just finding his abdominal protector

4)Michael Vaughan and Ricky Ponting.Ponting to Vaughan:I spended last night with your wife,any problem?Vaughan to Ponting:Not at all:)

5)Andrew Symonds and Mitchell JohnsonSymonds:Yayyyyyyyyyyy,i got the man sreesanthJohnson:[screaming and saying]I cant lift you up anymore.Dum!

6)Sreesanth and Chimp

Sarika S:

1: srry forgot whu played frst

2: srry no ideaa

3: the person is inzy ..and hes thinkin ...oh fcuk wher the hell did it go ..aah found it ...

4: michael vaughn and punter.... Vaughan :it was fun ..lets do it again tonite ;; Punter: sure but my room tiz time ..

5: Symmo and mcgrath ;; Symmo: help buddy tat mad indian is callin me names again ...ouchhhh...i think he jst growled at me ..i am gonna complain abt him...(all whiny) Mcgrath ;;;man need to tel symmo to stop bein such a sissy boy ...dude jst get off me ..i cant feel my tool nomore...@$$#****

6: its sreesanth and his girlfrnd : sree's gf: aahh hes doin the moves all wrong again...wen hes bac ill spank him...Sree: ahh i think she will love tiz one atlest..lemme practice some more (zingalala hu zingalala hu) tiz mantra will make her crazy !!!

The Oracle:

1. Australia and New Zealand

2. ICC

3. Inzamam-ul-Haq: "Oh, Balls! Hang on, where are they?"

4. Michael Vaughan and Ricky Ponting. Vaughan: "Do you know I've slept with Marcus Trescothick's wife?". Ponting: "No, but yours was great last night!"

5. Andrew Symonds (top), Mitchell Johnson (bottom). Symonds: "The Indians are picking on me again. Waah. Waah!". Johnson: "Get off me! I'm a real man now, I've taken my piercings out"

6. Sreesanth and a monkey. Sreesanth: "I've just got that nasty Harbhajan Singh out!". Monkey: "Good on yer. He called me a Symonds!"



1)Australia Vs New Zealand


3)Inzamam ... he thinks Oh gosh i think i lost it.....

4)Micheal Vaughan and Ricky Punter Ponting...Vaughan says " I have already hid the Cricket ball so that you guys cannot beat us this time"

5)Stop Immitating me

6) me



LOL!! THANKS THAT WAS A LOT ! Hope the laughter doesnt rob me of sleep.

Till next time friends

Good night


Thursday, May 29, 2008


Before I go to bed I would like to dedicate this post to someone special. I hope you read this sometime. Today for some reason I remember Karen Carpenters lines:

"Everything I want the world to be
Is now coming true especially for me
And the reason is clear
Its because you are here
Youre the nearest thing to heaven that Ive seen"

As these lines circle in my mind, I know they do so for someone special. My dear I do not know your language, I am not from your country. But despite all our differences, I can thank Almighty for bestowing something upon me something people rarely find in this world and in this short life. If I were to serenade you I would do so with this song, because your love has given me wings.

I admire you not because you chose the smartest and most handsome man , but because, you chose a person who admires you for your beauty as also your kindness and virtues. Rehmans eyes do sometimes wander, that’s because he often stares in amazement at the deficiencies of others. How glaring they are when compared to you.

My dear, although I have failed to tell you in so many words…… my life has always been “cherry pink and apple blossom white” the day a magical breeze blew you from a strange land into my life. It will always remain so……well past the time when your hair turn to the color of the autumn leaves.



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Monday, May 26, 2008



Dear Friends,

This post is dedicated to the Almighty. There are so many names for him, but, he is the one creator for all. This Sufi poem is dedicated to the one, who we call by so many names.

There are so many names that people have given the Creator that is a short story by Arthur C Clarke entitled "The Nine Billion Names of God" a monastery trying to compile these names by hand figured it would take fifteen thousand years to do so. (

Rehmans prayer is simple and universal, you will surely find the sentiments echoed in all religions:

the song is entitled

Allah Huu

Here is a small piece:

Allah huu Allah huu Allah huu Allah huu
ye zamiin jab na thii, ye jahaaN jab na thaa

chaaNd suraj na the, aasmaaN jab na thaa
raaz-e-haq bhii kisii par ayaaN jab na thaa
jab na thaa kuch yahaaN, thaa magar tuu hi tuu

My translation:

Sufi mystic chants.

Once when there was neither the ground nor the world
There was neither the moon, the sun or the firmament,
Then, even the essence of truth was unknown.
At that time there existed nothing but you.

This sufi verse is beautifully sung in the Qawwali style by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:
About Qawwali from Wikipedia:

"Qawwali (Urdu/Persian: قوٌالی; Punjabi/Multani: ਖ਼ਵ੍ਵਾਲੀ, قوٌالی; Brajbhasha/Hindi: क़व्वाली) is a form of Sufi devotional music popular on the Indian subcontinent. It's a vibrant musical tradition that stretches back more than 700 years. Originally performed mainly at Sunni Sufi shrines throughout the subcontinent, it has also gained mainstream popularity. Qawwali music received international exposure through the work of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, largely due to several releases on the Real World label, followed by live appearances at WOMAD festivals. Often listeners, and even artists themselves, are transported to a state of wajad, a trance-like state where they feel at one with God, generally considered to be the height of spiritual ecstasy in Sufism. Although famous throughout the world, its economic and spiritual hub remains the Punjab province of Pakistan from where it gained entry into the mainstream commercial music industry and international fame.


Peace my friends

Rehman of Multan

Sunday, May 25, 2008



Dear Friends,

Here is
an interesting question:

1. What is this?

2. Who used it/

3. Why was it considered a contravention to Law 6 of the Cricket 2000 Code 2nd Edition ?

Law 6 (The bat)

1. Width and lengthThe bat overall shall not be more than 38 inches/96.5cm in length. The blade of the bat shall be made solely of wood and shall not exceed 4 1/4 in/10.8cm at the widest part.
2. Covering the bladeThe blade may be covered with material for protection, strengthening or repair. Such material shall not exceed 1/16 in/1.56mm in thickness, and shall not be likely to cause unacceptable damage to the ball.
3. Hand or glove to count as part of batIn these Laws,(a) reference to the bat shall imply that the bat is held by the batsman.
(b) contact between the ball andeither (i) the striker's bat itselfor (ii) the striker's hand holding the bator (iii) any part of a glove worn on the striker's hand holding the batshall be regarded as the ball striking or touching the bat, or being struck by the bat.
© Marylebone Cricket Club 2003
Quoted from:,32,AR.html


Rehman of Multan


The best response was (although the last point needs clarification) by Mumbhai Indian. Again a good answer with good explanation.

1. Its a Kookaburra cricket bat ???
2. Ricky Ponting along with his Australia team-mate Justin Langer, Sri Lanka's Sanath Jayasuriya and New Zealand's Nathan Astle used it.
3.The problem with this bat was the graphite content in it was exceeding the permissible limit.
In 2005, while using the bat, Ponting became the world's top-ranked batsman and played his 100th Test, enjoying a run-glut that recently saw him awarded the Allan Border medal for Australia's player of the year.
He hit 1,596 Test runs with seven centuries and also scored 1,137 runs in one-day internationals, with another two hundreds, using this bat.


Correction: The reason why it contravenes law 6:
"Ponting’s Kookaburra bat is strengthened by a thin carbon graphite strip and MCC fear this gives him extra power and may damage the ball."

Read more about it from this great blog:

REHMANS CRICKET QUIZ #5 (Rotten in the state of Denmark)

My dear Friends,

A quick and easy Sunday quiz:

1. Question: Name the cricketer that has inspired you and why?

2. What is the connection of this lady with a famous cricketer?


3.What is this symbol? and Which famous cricketer is it related to?


4. Who is this lady and what is she doing? How does it relate to cricket in Australia and India?


5. Name a "first" by this man? What was his profession?


Thanks friends

Have a great "Memorial day" weekend

Rehman of Multan

P.S: For those who have happened to notice my picture on Yahoo messenger, do I resemble the artistic rendition portrayed here?
It seems this quiz turned out to be tougher than I thought.

The best response was by the most intelligent of users in Yahoo answers JustDoIt. Ha ha--- this time he has however expressed some rather deep emotions. These were his answers, the correct answers are below:

1. I do not think any cricketers have inspired me to the extentthat I really make them my hero. But Anil Kumble is one that, I can reckon for his attitude and his tendency to come out andplay the game even when injured. One such incidence that Ican remember is against WI, when his jaw was broken andIndia were loosing the game. He came to bat looking like amummy to save the match.

2. No clue who this lady is.....sorry not interested in knowing.

3. It is a flag and do not know which country has a crescentmoon with a star along with red and green flag. Looks to me a combination of Pakistan and Turkey.

4. The Brit royal crap queen...probably knighting someone. I have no respect for the colonial and occupied bullies. Aus and India are part of common wealth countries and wererules by the colonial powers in their history.

5. WG Grace - scored a century on debut. He was a medical doctor by profession.


2. This lady is Chandrika Kumartunga, politician from Sri Lanka. Arjuna Ranatunga entered into politics by joining the PA led by Chandrika Kumaratunga. Later, he was the Deputy Minister of Tourism for Sri Lanka.

3. This is the symbol of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Movement for Justice) is a political party in Pakistan. At the last legislative elections, 20 October 2002, the party won 0.8% of the popular vote and 1 out of 272 elected members. PTI is headed by former Pakistani Test cricket captain Imran Khan. "Justice, Humanity and Self Esteem" is the slogan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Imran Khan, the chairman of the party is also the Chancellor of the University of Bradford, England.

4. This is queen Elizabeth. She is seen in the process of conferring knighthood to somebody. Austalia and India have 1 cricket knight each.

5. WG Grace: He was Grace the first person who scored over 1,000 runs and took over 100 wickets . We was a medical doctor.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

An event that left its indelible foot print in the sands of time: The train toilet


Dear Friends,

It is indeed true that often great changes are brought about by the striving of some dedicated people. I recently received an email from an Indian friend informing on how toilets were introduced in trains in the Indian subcontinent.


But before I begin I must start with a brief introduction. I did a bit of research on this story. It is based in the province of Bengal which now in India and Bangladesh (Fig 1). This province is very fertile and has a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The Jack fruit (Figure 2) seems to be an important diet for the people of this province. More about Jack fruit from wikipedia:

The Jack fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is a species of tree of the mulberry family (Moraceae) and its fruit, native to southwestern India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Sri Lanka, and possibly also east to the Malay Peninsula, though more likely an early human introduction there. It is well suited to tropical lowlands. It is commercially grown and sold in these countries, as well as imported around Australia. The English name jack fruit, one of many for the fruit, derives from Portuguese jaca, which is derived from Malayalam chakka.


Importantly jack fruit seems to have high fibre content and hence it can act as an high fibre laxative.

The people living in the province of Bengal are called "Bengalis". The educated people are often honourably referred to as "Bengali babu". Figure 3 shows a drawing of a Bengali babu. The different parts of his attire have been labelled by me to the best of my knowledge. "Dhoti" the lower half of the garment worn by the Bengali babu has relevance to this story.

It seems that toilets were introduced on Indian trains only after this passenger, notably a Bengali babu (for example, like the one shown in Figure 3) Okhit Chandra Sen, wrote a letter to the Divisional Traffic Superintendent Sahabgunj Divisional Office, in 1909, complaining about how he missed the train when he got down to attend the call of nature. This happened because of an excess consumption of Jack fruit. The events that followed made him unfortunately loose his dhoti and regretfully expose himself ! This letter, sent as a complaint, documents the unfortunate chain of events:


Beloved Sir,

I am arrive by passenger train at Ahmedpore station and my belly istoo much swelling with jackfruit.

I am therefore sent to privy. Just as I am doing the nuisance that guard making whistle blow for train to go off and I am running with Lota (water pot) in one hand and dhoti in the next when I fall over and expose all my shockings to many female women on the platform

I got leaved on Ahmedpore Station.

This is too much bad for passengers go to make dung that dam guard not wait train for five minutes for him.

I am therefore praying otherwise I am making big report to papers.

Pray your honour to make big fine on that dam guard for public sake otherwise I am making big report to papers.

Yours faithfull servant

Okhil Ch Sen


It seems the letter fell into the right hands bringing great relief to the people in the Indian subcontinent.


Thank you

Rehman of Multan



1.Train picture from

Friday, May 23, 2008


Cricket Quiz #4

Dear Friends,

Quiz #3 seemed to be very easy for some really smart people. Lets see how you do in Quiz #4.

Again, please answer wisely, I will archive the best response/responses.

Question 1: For a spinner what are these 2 deliveries, (left and right) called?

Question 2: What spin delivery is this?

Question 3 : What is this shot called (full form please)?

Question 4: Why is this person famous?


(the posts are as is and minimally edited to fit)

A bit about Prince and his favourites in cricket:

Favourite Cricket Shot: Late Cut

Favourite positin to Bat : One Down: Because : Thats an Importanat Position .. when the wicket falls early you need to put a solid base .. or if you have had a great start then you have to consolidate.

Favourite Bowling Delivery: Out Swinger.. and Inswinging Yorker

Preferred Fielding positin: Point


According to Prince the correct answers are:

1)Googly (Right) and Doosra (Left)

2)Top spin

3)Leg Flick or an Hip Flick (It was Lara's Favourite shop)

4)Dickie Bird ..the Great test Umpire

and yes all were correct responses. Fantastic job, you sure know your cricket !

Some favourites :

I had also asked a few general questions to my friends:

1. What is your favourite cricket shot?
2. What position do you like to bat and why?
3. What is your favourite bowling delivery?
4. What is your preferred fielding position?

These are some intersting replies:

Prince says:

Favourite Cricket Shot: Late Cut

Positin to Bat : One Down: Because : Thats an Importanat Position .. when the wicket falls early you need to put a solid base .. or if you have had a great start then you have to consolidate.

Favourite Bowling Delivery: Out Swinger.. and Inswinging Yorker

Preferred Fielding positin: Point

Furioso Lion88 says:

Salaam Rehman.

Edit:1. What is your favourite cricket shot?Anywhere around the field.

2. What position do you like to bat and why?I'm a middle order batsman that, is very aggresive as an opener batsman.

3. What is your favourite bowling delivery?My favorite bowling delivery is the inswinger deliveries or yorkers bc, i have passion to bowl for wickets only since childhood However, I love to bowl bc, Bowling is my only gate way ticket to express my feelings & emotions for wickets only.I love bowling.I have passion & inside anger that motivates me to get the wickets i want VS any batsman.My actions & glory comes off my bowling actions.I'm a fast right arm pace bowler that has nothing to lose but, wickets from the oppostion batting line-up.AMEN.

4. What is your preferred fielding position?I play silly mid on bc, i have 100% confindence i will catch any cric ball from a fatal mis hit from a batsman.

..................... further Bro. Furious (as I call him) writes:

Even if i got all four wrong, i just like to say you got a cool blog Rehman & your a unique Pakistani person. I never seen or met a Pakistani person like you that has intrest of other cultures or diversity. (I have many Pakistani cricket friends & 4our Pakistani friends i know since my early teens)
10 hours ago
Source(s): Rehman.

Thanks Bro. Furious for your compliments. One of the main purpose of my writing has been to understand from different people different aspects of their fascinating cultures. I want to also establish that irrespective of whether we are muslims, christians, hindus or jews we can all see the unity in each others religions. Furthermore, by the name of the Almighty and all the prophets there are or have been : the biggest religion (as stated by the Sufi saints and all great people in the world) is to give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked and shelter to the homeless.


Also posted by
Mumbhai Indian:

1. What is your favourite cricket shot?

Straight Drive

2. What position do you like to bat and why?


What is your favourite bowling delivery?

Left arm off spin

4. What is your preferred fielding position?



Thank you all

Rehman of Multan


He just sent me this email:

Message: Hey thnx Rehman bhai 4 adding me in ur contact's list!I saw the correct answers to the Quiz #4..but I didn't get the first have mentioned that the right one as googly and left one as doosra..hws that possible?For a right arm off spin bowler, from off it is turning off spin and leg to off will be a doosra right?That means left is an off spin and right one will be a doosra.For a leg spinner, left will be wrong-un or googly and right will be leg-spin.Please don't hesitate to clarify me.Loved your Q's.TC bbye

My comments: yes indeed Mumbhai Indian you are absolutely correct. Very astute obeservation. Thank you and please accept my apologies.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Dear Friends,

Good evening! The memorial day weekend is now upon us. Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend.

The topic of my quiz today is Australian cricket icons:

I begin with my apologies to the English people here. This cartoon was quite irresistible :


Friends the rivalry between England and Australia is well known, so, I suspect that the person who composed this cartoon must have been an Australian. Would the English users care to comment on this cartoon (as a repartee).

Question 1:


What is the claim to fame for this cricket bat?

Question 2:


To who did this cricketer say :"Tickets please" and why? (1991 AT)

Question 3:


Who devised a plan to get this cricketer out? What was it called? Was the plan successful? If you know how this cricketer countered the plan--it will be an added bonus

Question 4:


Who is this Australian cricket icon? Although he can be seen wearing non-cricketing gloves, the question to you is: What was the controversy surrounding his gloves? Which hand was he wearing it?

First correct response by

DingDong: (Great answer !)

Hello Rehman offfff Muuuuuuultaaannnnnnn....

I would choose the following as Australian Cricket icons:

1. Don Bradman: He is a cricket icon period! An average of 99.9 over 52 test matches may never be matched. He is not just an aussie icon but a world icon.

2. Greg Chappell: Can be considered as the most complete Aussie batter of his era. Ever reliable in tests and much more attacking than usual in ODIs for his era.

3. Shane Warne: Not just because of his record number of wickets but because of his immense stature! He brought magic to every game he played in and he was a real drama-queen off the field. Also was the best Aussie captain Australia never had.

1. What is the claim to fame for this cricket bat?

That is the famous Dennis Lillee Aluminum bat!!! He used it in a test match but was ordered to stop using it before he threw it with anger!

2. To who did this cricketer say :"Tickets please" and why? (1991 AT)
He said it to Pakistani batter Javed Miandad. Javed called him a fatty and a bus conductor and Hughes got him out and shouted "ticketsplease!!"

3. Who devised a plan to get this cricketer out? What was it called? Was the plan successful? If you know how this cricketer countered the plan--it will be an added bonus

This cricketer is the great Don Bradman and it was England captain Douglas Jardine who devised this plan -called BODYLINE. He had some help from Larwood, his fast bowler to devise this plan.
The plan was kind of successful though not completely. Bradman countered it by moving towards leg and punching the ball to off.

4. That is Gilly!!

He used the squash ball in his gloves during the WC! And he also scored a 100 using this tactic. He put the ball in his left glove.

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