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an interesting question:

1. What is this?

2. Who used it/

3. Why was it considered a contravention to Law 6 of the Cricket 2000 Code 2nd Edition ?

Law 6 (The bat)

1. Width and lengthThe bat overall shall not be more than 38 inches/96.5cm in length. The blade of the bat shall be made solely of wood and shall not exceed 4 1/4 in/10.8cm at the widest part.
2. Covering the bladeThe blade may be covered with material for protection, strengthening or repair. Such material shall not exceed 1/16 in/1.56mm in thickness, and shall not be likely to cause unacceptable damage to the ball.
3. Hand or glove to count as part of batIn these Laws,(a) reference to the bat shall imply that the bat is held by the batsman.
(b) contact between the ball andeither (i) the striker's bat itselfor (ii) the striker's hand holding the bator (iii) any part of a glove worn on the striker's hand holding the batshall be regarded as the ball striking or touching the bat, or being struck by the bat.
© Marylebone Cricket Club 2003
Quoted from:,32,AR.html


Rehman of Multan


The best response was (although the last point needs clarification) by Mumbhai Indian. Again a good answer with good explanation.

1. Its a Kookaburra cricket bat ???
2. Ricky Ponting along with his Australia team-mate Justin Langer, Sri Lanka's Sanath Jayasuriya and New Zealand's Nathan Astle used it.
3.The problem with this bat was the graphite content in it was exceeding the permissible limit.
In 2005, while using the bat, Ponting became the world's top-ranked batsman and played his 100th Test, enjoying a run-glut that recently saw him awarded the Allan Border medal for Australia's player of the year.
He hit 1,596 Test runs with seven centuries and also scored 1,137 runs in one-day internationals, with another two hundreds, using this bat.


Correction: The reason why it contravenes law 6:
"Ponting’s Kookaburra bat is strengthened by a thin carbon graphite strip and MCC fear this gives him extra power and may damage the ball."

Read more about it from this great blog:

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