Sunday, August 17, 2008

QUIZ #11

Dear Friends

You are the driver of a two seater coupe. You have been requested to take 3 passengers to their hotel. Ponting will be picked up from the nightclub , as you can see in the drawing, indicated by the red-light area (of shading). Harbhajan and Murali will be picked up from the "Spinners Academy" which happens to be just next to the Nightclub.

The main problem, as indicated by an answer to this question, Harbhajan does not get along with Ponting and Ponting does not get along with Murali, so you can never leave 2 contentious individuals at the same place, either at the hotel or at the pick-up spot.

How then do you transport the customers?

Is there a way? Remember, you can only transport one passenger at a time. What will be your strategy?



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